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Stories about WhereNext's film, video and visual marketing projects. How we work, behind the scenes tips about adventure travel based film, video, and photography productions.

WhereNext People – An Interview with Daniel Murcia, Audio Storyteller

Welcome to #WhereNextPeople, where the storytelling focus is on our agency colleagues and some of the many luminaries we meet on our travels. This week we’d like to introduce Daniel Murcia, our expert sound designer who has crafted the soundtracks on many of WhereNext’s most successful projects, including the intricate and beautiful soundscapes of our feature-length documentary, ‘The Birders’.

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Colombian Birds Go Big: How our global storytelling agency created The Birders campaign

In 2018, the Colombian Ministry of Tourism selected WhereNext as the perfect storytelling agency to produce their 2019 birding tourism campaign. A mixed private-and-public-sector selection committee unanimously awarded the contract to us over every major production and creative studio, both national and international, with offices in Colombia—including Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and Fox Studios.

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A Destination Guide to Filming in Colombia: Islands of Colombia

Colombia is the only country in South America with both Atlantic and Pacific coastlines. There are many Colombian islands which are ideal for filming, from the larger San Andres to the wild Pacific islands of Gorgona and Malpelo. Here are the top Colombian island locations for filming.

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Thereabouts Colombia is Back Online: A Cycling Adventure Film Starring Lachlan and Gus Morton

We’re so stoked that Thereabouts Colombia is back online!, Lachlan and Gust Morton explore the difficult riding and the amazing cycling culture of Colombia which has produced some of the finest road cyclists of past and modern eras.

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A Destination Guide to Filming in Colombia: The Llanos Orientales

Chapter 1 of our Destination Guide to Filming in Colombia: the wild eastern plains of Colombia (Llanos Orientales). Home to Colombian cowboys (also known as llaneros), animals like jaguars and giant anteaters, and the most dramatic dawns you will ever see as the sun rises over the endless plains, the Llanos are one of Colombia’s most under-appreciated and stunning destinations for filmmakers.

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Video Production in Northern Colombia's Hidden Gem: Montes de María

WhereNext fixer and intrepid traveler, Chis Bell’s video production trip report from our project for Awake.Travel in Montes de Maria, a small and isolated mountain range in northern Colombia which sees precious little tourism.

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