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WhereNext.com | WhereNext is a Global Creative Agency & Production Company

We are a team of storytelling professionals with a global vision. We help clients connect with people everywhere—and make them #feelsomething. Bogotá, Colombia | Seattle, Washington | Girona, Spain | Portland, Oregon


WhereNext is a Global Creative Agency & Production Company

We are a team of storytelling professionals with a global vision. We help clients connect with people everywhere—and make them #feelsomething.

Need world-class creative with extraordinary agility and efficiency? Let’s spin the globe.

Bogotá, Colombia | Seattle, Washington | Girona, Spain | Portland, Oregon


Fast & Light (& Solid)

Our approach was built out of necessity. We’ve figured out how to deliver with agility and efficiency—without sacrificing quality. The secret? Great people, rooted in powerful storytelling, with 21st-century production chops. It all began when, before embarking on his epic two-year cycling adventure, founder Gregg Bleakney had to choose one do-it-all camera and a single multipurpose lens to tell his story. He didn’t have room for anything else.

Read our origin story here.

Why WhereNext?


We speak seven languages. We’ve produced work for our clients in 32 countries and counting. Where do you want to go?


Big ideas. Strategic storytelling and campaign development across mediums. Digital/visual content production. Smart media planning and strategy. Events, pop-ups, guerrilla. Building brands from the ground up. And other stuff.


We built WhereNext different for a reason. We value nontraditional education, experience, and ideas. We believe in the power of diversity of background and thought in pursuit of global cultural understanding, a progressive mind-set, and a love for adventure. We also live the brands we work with.


We build global brands through integrated storytelling to connect people around the world, whether it’s with documentary films, digital advertising campaigns, or something else—so long as it’s designed to inform, inspire, excite, and make people #feelsomething.


Real people, real relationships, real collaboration, real allergic to bullshit (and cats). And real fun when the day’s work is done. We believe that’s what makes for great client service.


Our team brings over 50 years of experience across media, including award-winning work in narrative journalism, film and photography, the arts, and, yes, juggling.

Assets For Everything

It’s unusual, but we’re a creative agency and a production company rolled into one. Why? Most agencies don’t do production, and most production companies are highly vertical. Which means they’re either unable or unwilling to meet the needs of modern brands. WhereNext is different. We see the big picture, and we always keep it in mind. We focus on delivering fully integrated campaigns to our clients. Today’s consumer ecosystem is broader and more complex than ever before. And integrated, dynamic communications across multiple channels is de rigueur. Our clients’ brands need multiple tools to get their marketing messages across to the right audiences, and we work to weave all of those experiences together into a comprehensive whole. If you need it, it’s likely we can deliver it. And we will always go above and beyond what you need to show you what’s possible. We think it’s fun. (Because it is.)


Agile marketing is something other agencies like to say they understand and provide, but they continue to be stuck in old models and processes that slow brands down. What makes WhereNext stand out is their agility. They are creative multimedia storytellers who value partnership, collaboration, and executional excellence at speed, and they’re fully committed to not letting you down. And so far, they’ve done all that for us across four different countries in just 90 days.
— Janice Tennant | CMO | CAT Footwear

Just a Few of our Clients

We reviewed close to a dozen locations around the world to launch Columbia’s OutDry Extreme rain gear and WhereNext’s Colombian team quickly rose to the top of the list based on their knowledge of the area, their shared vision for a successful outcome, and creative storytelling. I’ve led lengthy projects with partners in the Kingdom of Jordan, Sweden, Ireland, and Japan, among others, and the team from WhereNext took it to an entirely new level.
— Andy Nordhoff | Public Relations Director | Columbia Sportswear

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WhereNext was able to work with us in fluent Spanish but communicate effective video stories to our target native English-speaking markets. They always put our needs first. Their work helped us build a forward-thinking tourism campaign that helped establish Colombia as the number one birding destination on the planet.
— Julian Guerrero | Vice President of Tourism | ProColombia

Featured Stories

World Nomads has worked with WhereNext over the past 5 years. They have helped to bring not just our video strategy to life, but do so by really understanding our purpose as a business and how to craft that into a compelling series of stories across multiple narrative forms. They are excellent to work with and even better to share a beer with. We love this crew and have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone serious about storytelling.
— Christopher Noble | General Manager | WorldNomads

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