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Stories about WhereNext's film, video and visual marketing projects. How we work, behind the scenes tips about adventure travel based film, video, and photography productions.

WorldNomads Safety Video Series: Film Production Services in Colombia

Seeking to create an authentic, well-researched video series to address frequently googled safety questions about traveling in Colombia, World Nomad’s hired WhereNext to provide video production services in Colombia for Australian filmmaker Brian Rapsey and journalist Stephanie Hunt.

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Filming Locations in Colombia: 2019's Most Amazing Natural History Sites

WhereNext has spent the past 5-years adventurously filming in Colombia both international and Colombian clients. These are our top-five favorite natural history locations for 2019.

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Film Production Services in Colombia, Behind the Scenes Making Thereabouts 3

When providing film production services for a cycling documentary in Colombia, the first thing our Colombian film production company learned was: Colombia has its own set of rules.

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Colombian Film Production Companies: A Modern History of Working with Foreign Filmmakers

A-list foreign directors, producers, actors and actresses are increasingly choosing Colombia and partnering with Colombian film production companies to bring their screenplays to life. This is how it happened.

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Becoming A Travel Filmmaker - A Three Part Series for World Nomads

World Nomads asked us to put together a three part series on becoming a travel filmmaker and storyteller. Although we take our work seriously, we don't like to take ourselves too seriously--hopefully these videos demonstrates that.

We made this series for filmmakers keen to get out of the hobby zone and make the jump to getting paid to do what they love.

These videos were produced in our Bogota, Colombia based studio.

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