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Video and Event Production Services in Colombia for Columbia Sportswear

We reviewed close to a dozen locations around the world to launch Columbia’s OutDry Extreme rain gear and Colombia’s team from WhereNext quickly rose to the top of list based on their knowledge of the area, their shared vision for a success outcome, and creative storytelling.  Gregg and his team planned an incredible trip in the months leading up to the event, but that effort was outshined by their performance once we landed in Colombia.

I’ve led lengthy excursions with tourism partners in the Kingdom of Jordan, Sweden, Ireland and Japan, among others, and the team from WhereNext took it to an entirely new level.
— Andy Nordhoff | Public Relations Manager | Columbia

It's Colombia not Columbia.

I was wearing a tee-shirt with the above phase while bar-hopping in Killarney, Ireland at the tail end of the Adventure Travel Word Summit.  A friend of mine from Mexico signaled across the pub--"Gregg, I've got someone you need to meet." 

Fast forward a few minutes--the introduction was to a senior marketing executive from Columbia Sportswear,

"Maybe that shirt should read, Columbia in Colombia?" he mused.

Columbia Sportswear was looking for a destination to produce a press event for a top secret new product--Outdry Extreme--the first waterproof, ultra-breathable material with an outer waterproof membrane for permanent water repellency and durability (it's won pretty much every industry award since its launch). It's been dubbed as the first significant evolution in waterproof fabric since Gor-tex was invented in 1969.

Columbia In Colombia Film Production.jpg

The location needed to dish amazing editorial stories for Columbia's press team and editors from Men’s Journal, Outside Magazine, Backpacker, and other top publications. But most importantly, it absolutely had to be raining cats and dogs (in July) for the journalists to test Outdry Extreme.

I knew that I had an ace up my sleeve, Colombia's high altitude moorlands or, paramo's, are near endemic ecosystems that have an incredible ability to store water through vegetation and unique geological and ecological features--they are also some of the wettest places on the planet.

"I guarantee rain," I said. 

We got the gig and the following year, WhereNext led the production of Columbia Sportswear's 2016 Outdry Extreme product and press event in Colombia. We organized hikes in sideways rain and teed-up stories about Colombian food, beer, cycling, culture and history. We produced a video about one of the guides we sourced to lead journalist, Stephan Regenold, on a grueling ultra-run across a 12,500 foot high altitude moor.  You can read about that adventure here.

We also produced a an emotional film for Columbia's internal teams about a Colombian adventure guide who is leading trips across the same remote wilderness area where his father was kidnapped and marched by the FARC guerillas. 

Outdoor recreation has a different meaning in a country where exploring the wilderness has always been forbidden. In 2015, Colombian mountain guide Miguel Ángel García led North American adventurer Stephen Regenold on a trek across Colombia's páramo wetlands, on the same trail network where his father was marched and held hostage after being kidnapped by the FARC guerillas. Client: Colombia Sportswear Director: Gregg Bleakney Videographer: Julian Manrique

Cheers and thank you again to Columbia Sportswear for giving WhereNext the opportunity to produce your project in Colombia.

Follow this link to learn more about WhereNext's video production services in Colombia.

colombia paramo video.jpg