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Thereabouts Colombia is Back Online: A Cycling Adventure Film Starring Lachlan and Gus Morton


Thereabouts Colombia: Discover Cycling’s Next Generation

"A mind-blowing experience – both for the riders and for the audience – that reconnects a professional bike rider with the simplest and purest soul of cycling."

BikeRadar, cycling publication

“It’s got explosions, near accidents, sprints, anger, tears, and more — yet this is a documentary film that invites mediation on the state of pro cycling.”

- The Inner Ring, cycling publication

What People are Saying

“Travel doc + gritty minimal cycling. What more do you want?- Mark Grafton

“I like that it’s not just a cycling documentary chronicling the suffering of a couple of guys on a bike. It also gave us a little peek into Colombia’s soul.” - Migues Nacianceno

“Feeling like a kid again...have watched this film 4 nights in a row! It not only beautifully captures and conveys the challenges of Lachy and Gus’ Colombian adventure, but also inspires and reignites the love of cycling in the viewer.” - Sandy Prince

“The depiction of the country is so faithful! With this film I rediscovered my country and actually learned a few new things about it.” - Germán Londoño

“Stunning landscapes, hilarious interactions, most grueling days on the bike across a diverse set of roads.”- Ryan Anderson

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Video: Go Behind the Scenes Filming the Documentary

Watch the Trailer for Thereabouts 3, Colombia

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