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There are no comparable video and film production companies in Colombia with such in-depth knowledge of the country’s terrain, culture, and business environment. Our film production services team in Colombia has an impeccable history of producing films, events, commercials, and video series for international clients, including Columbia Sportswear, Backpacker Magazine, ExOfficio, WorldNomads, and Bicycling Magazine.


Video and Film Production Services in Colombia

Filming in Colombia? WhereNext's film and video production services team operates with a Colombian soul and North American clock. Our international crew speak six languages. When global brands want to execute visual projects in their native language with confidence in Colombia, they call WhereNext.

Based out of Bogotá, we are a Colombian production company who make films, videos, events, and audio projects in six languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, and Italian.

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Colombia's geographical location near the equator and vertical, mountainous terrain — provided by three spines of the Andes and the Santa Marta massif — make it possible to replicate nearly any climate at any time of the year.

The country has worked tirelessly over the past decade to position itself as the hub for film production in Latin America. These efforts, combined with a skilled creative workforce and a welcoming tax incentive by the Colombian Film Commission have transformed the nation into an enticing destination to bring your most-ambitious projects to life.

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These are some of the services offered by our Bogotá, Colombia based film, video, event and audio production company:

1) Field and pre-production support and Colombian fixers in six languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, and Italian.

2) Assistance to efficiently apply for Colombia's cinema tax rebate law through the Colombian Film Commission. Legally navigate complicated payment distributions, and production permits.

3) Option to manage financial transactions through our Seattle, USA based C Corporation.

4) Location scouting and creative support

5) Full-service equipment rental

*For case studies about our production work in Colombia, please see:  Columbia SportswearBackpacker Magazine, and Thereabouts 3.

Some Examples of our Production Services Clients in Colombia

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