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Becoming A Travel Filmmaker - A Three Part Series for World Nomads


Our client World Nomads asked us to put together a video series on becoming a travel filmmaker and storyteller. Although we take our work seriously, we don't like to take ourselves too seriously--so we took a casual approach to this project.

We made this series for filmmakers keen to get out of the hobby zone and make the jump to getting paid to do what they love.

These videos were produced in our Bogota, Colombia based studio.

Part 1:

Travel filmmaking is a profession that is in equal parts immensely satisfying and ridiculously challenging. And with unprecedented access to high quality camera equipment, more and more travelers are discovering that travel filmmaking is more than a pipe dream, and is a tangible career path. But what separates those who shoot high-quality travel videos vs those who can generate sustainable income from the work? 

Part 2:

What do you need to do to step up your game as a travel filmmaker? There are a few things that separates entry level filmmakers from those who live and breathe the craft, and with our five main takeaway tips, you'll get insight into what it takes to get your skills to the next level.

Part 3: 

This is for the gear nerds--how our team approaches gear selection when going on a shoot, and details the importance of having sound thinking around the environment, story and technical requirements, and how this should inform your gear choices. We discusses audio gear, choosing the right camera formats and accessories and also give a series of tips and tricks to get around various challenges in the field.