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A Destination Guide to Filming in Colombia

Filming In Colombia

Our Destination Guide to filming in Colombia will open your eyes to the most beautiful and unique destinations in this country, as well as offering tips and pointers to producing your next project.

Filming In Colombia Llanos

As one of the most naturally and culturally diverse places on earth, Colombia is a magical destination for filmmaking and video production. Whether you wish to film monkeys and toucans in the wild heart of the Amazon rainforest, or explore the unique musical cultures of the Caribbean and Pacific, Colombia has something for everybody.

WhereNext has ten years of experience filming and producing content throughout Colombia. We have worked on a variety of different productions throughout Colombia, including an ultra-endurance commercial shoot across a 14,000 foot moorland, a feature-length documentary about birding, cultural videos in hard-to-access regions like the Montes de Maria, and urban advertising projects in downtown Bogota.

In short, this intimate knowledge of filming in Colombia puts us in the perfect position to facilitate the best possible productions in what is surely one of the greatest up-and-coming film destinations in the world.

But what is so unique and special about Colombia?


Red-capped Manakin (Ceratopipra mentalis) - taken during the shoot of ‘The Birders’ in the Colombian Pacific

Red-capped Manakin (Ceratopipra mentalis) - taken during the shoot of ‘The Birders’ in the Colombian Pacific

As the country with the second-highest biodiversity in the world (and the highest biodiversity by area), Colombia offers unparalleled opportunities to film a staggering variety of wildlife. With the highest number of orchid and bird species on earth, the second-highest number of plants, amphibians, butterflies and fresh water fish, and the third-highest number of palm trees and reptiles, Colombia’s level of biodiversity are simply astounding. Many people are also surprised to know that Colombia is the fourth-highest country in mammal biodiversity as well. With over 56,000 species – more than 9,000 of which are endemic – this country is a wildlife photographer or filmmaker’s dream destination. From giant humpback whales to tiny hummingbirds, Colombia really does have it all. Thanks to our experience on projects such as The Birders (a feature-length documentary on birdwatching in Colombia), WhereNext has a huge amount of knowledge and experience on filming wildlife in Colombia.


Visiting Colombia is like exploring five countries in one. Colombia’s distinctive natural regions - Caribbean, Pacific, Andes, Orinoquia, Amazon (the insular regions of San Andres, Providencia and Gorgona are sometime considered a sixth region) – boast a wealth of unique landscapes, natural wonders, biodiversity, and culture. The magic of traveling in Colombia to film is that all of these markedly different regions are easily accessible by air from major cities; therefore it is possible to move from wild Pacific Ocean jungle to ragged mountain peaks in a matter of hours.


As well as being naturally diverse, Colombia is also culturally diverse. Colombian culture derives from different influences, including Spanish, African, and Indigenous, and this is strongly reflected in music, dance, dress, and language.

The diversity of music and dance is especially impressive. Genres such as cumbia, vallenato, bullerengue, porro, and champeta all originate from Colombia, and there is a vibrant culture of new music to explore. Many Colombian genres are derived from the aforementioned cultural fusion of Spanish, Indigenous, and African cultures, and this makes the country one of the most exciting destinations for music lovers.

Once again, in a cultural sense Colombia is more like five countries than one: whether you wish to experience the authentic cowboy culture of the Eastern Plains or the unique Afro-Colombian cultures of the Pacific coast or Montes de Maria, Colombia can deliver.

On assignment in the Montes de Maria region of Northern Colombia

On assignment in the Montes de Maria region of Northern Colombia


A Squirrel Monkey taking a break on a canoe while shooting in the Colombian Amazon region

A Squirrel Monkey taking a break on a canoe while shooting in the Colombian Amazon region

Colombia has a tropical and isothermal climate due to its geographic location near the Equator. However, the climate varies wildly between the aforementioned natural regions, although the temperatures of each region do not experience striking alterations. It is important to note when planning a shoot in Colombia that precipitation changes dramatically during different periods of the year. For instance, if planning a shoot in the Eastern Plains region, the months of December-March are characterized by extremely dry weather, while during much of the rest of the year the area experiences heavy rains and flooding. WhereNext’s expert consultants are well-versed in the climate of each region and can offer up-to-date advice on filming schedules.

So here’s an invitation to take a trip through Colombia with WhereNext. Each week we will launch a new blog post that takes a look at different places in Colombia, as well as examining local species of birds and animals, interesting filming destinations, transportation and accommodation information, and cultural traditions.