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Welcome to Story365, our Seattle Based Video Marketing Agency

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Video Production Services Company Meets Digital Marketing Agency

Welcome to Story365.

After creating hundreds of videos with a global base of clients since founding WhereNext in 2015, we noticed that there’s frequently a disconnect between the creatives involved in producing videos and the marketing agency or PR agency managing distribution campaigns associated with those videos.

To solve that problem, we created Story365; the fusion of a video production services company with a digital marketing agency.

Story365 is based in Seattle, Washington but works closely with our sister company, WhereNext, a video production company located in Bogota, Colombia—allowing us to offer the service and a price point that wasn't available a few years ago.

“As a marketer, I had a lot of concerns going into my search for a video production partner. But with WhereNext, I found a team who not only understood the challenges a tourism company faces but was completely committed to producing professional, emotive, moving video assets for our brand. Their platform, Story365 helped me achieve my ambitious goal to double the sales of our primary product. We will absolutely continue to work with WhereNext again and we certainly look forward to that next opportunity to do so.”
— David Londoño | CMO | Awake.Travel

The Story365 platform operates in four parts:

Step 1) Campaign Plan

Our Creative Director sits down with your team to understand what you’d like to achieve through visual storytelling. Our creative services team designs compelling stories, tailored to your customer lifecycle and most effective marketing channels. We build a content deployment schedule, the Campaign Plan, including both organic and paid story distribution, delivered over a year-long calendar. Our digital marketing experts create your video SEO and paid media strategy.

Step 2) Campaign Production

You work with either our certified WhereNext storytelling team or your company’s existing storytellers and deploy them to the field to craft your stories. Our pre-production team organizes and manages the logistics of the production, including crafting a narrative brief, travel logistics, content workflows, and prepping subjects. Your content is stored in our StoryVault (see step 4).

Our editors produce your organic media, the Hero (a two-minute video story), and Content Nibbles which include still photography, animations, and short-form social videos.

Step 3) Deployment and Analytics

This is the step that truly blends the video production services company and digital marketing agency together. Your WhereNext account manager ensures your content is posted on schedule across the organic channels defined in your Campaign Plan. We post your Hero videos to landing pages and track campaign performance. Your digital ad manager initiates paid ad campaigns and works side-by-side with a video editor to adjust both the audiences and content in your ad sets in real-time to ensure that your ad spend is as efficient as possible.

Step 4) StoryVault

The concept behind StoryVault was generated through client feedback. Our video production customers frequently report that they are often frustrated because legacy footage shot by various storytelling teams is often scattered across hard drives with disconnected workflows. StoryVault onboards your legacy video content to a single location and organizes it so that you can create new videos and ad campaigns from your archives on-demand. Story365 grows more valuable over time we continue to add fresh campaign B-roll to the archive.

So that's the skinny on Story365. Our customers are seeing really incredible results and we think this is something that is new and really exciting—the fusion of video production services and digital marketing / digital advertising all under one roof.

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