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The WhereNext Story

The story of WhereNext. Founded by American, Gregg Bleakney, we are a native English speaking video and film production services company based in Bogota, Colombia and Seattle, USA.


The WhereNext Story


One guy, one bike, one camera, one lens. Two wheels, two years, two pairs of underwear. Fourteen countries, 18,500 miles (give or take), and 33 life lessons that kicked off the WhereNext journey.

In 2005, Gregg Bleakney left a career in information technology, sold almost everything he owned, and began a bicycle journey from northern Alaska to the southernmost tip of South America. Along the way, he narrowly escaped death a few times and fell in love with photography and storytelling. And through many wild and wonderful days and nights, he learned to see the unsung secrets of everyday adventure by slowing down and leaving the gates of experience open just wide enough for serendipity to step in. Near the end of his journey, with this core insight in mind, and while sheltering in an abandoned barn during a lightning storm in Tierra del Fuego, Gregg scribbled a rough draft of the WhereNext business plan on a napkin. His vision was simple, focused, and bold: to build a unique and agile agency that prized being fast and light, put story first, produced work that made people #feelsomething, and always hired globally minded, hungry, fun, multi-talented creatives. 

Today, WhereNext is a thriving, full-service global creative agency and production company with offices in Bogotá, Colombia; Seattle, Washington; Girona, Spain; and Portland, Oregon. Our Bogotá HQ is a hub of creativity and culture in the heart of Latin America’s fastest-growing film-production capital. Basing ourselves in four of the world’s most exciting travel destinations has allowed the WhereNext team to maintain our adventurous lifestyle while serving our clients and building a strong global foundation for our agency.

And, in case you were wondering, our creative approach still includes being open to play and serendipity every day. (Even when the storyboard is “final final.”)

Still curious? You can learn more about Gregg’s story on Patagonia’s Dirtbag Diaries Podcast here, or you can read about all the ups and downs of his bike journey through the Americas here.


Two Years, Two Pairs of Underwear: the video that launched our agency

Photos from the Journey