WhereNext | A Global Creative Agency & Production Company

A Story-Driven Global Creative Agency

A Story-Driven Global Creative Agency

A Story-Driven Global Creative Agency

WhereNext is a worldwide team of visual storytelling professionals. We design and produce story-driven campaigns for clients who want their audience to #feelsomething.

Building global brands through dynamic visual storytelling and breakthrough creative to connect with people around the world.

Global brands need globally minded storytelling

Strategic Storytelling

Digital Production

Dynamic Media Planning and Strategy

Strengths of WhereNext

Brand Storytelling - team has 100 years combined experience with global clients, rooted in journalism, quickly partner and understand brand, we live the brands we work with

Visual Storytelling is King


Visual Storytelling Specialists - #FeelSomething

Our work is story-driven. Embedded, efficient, authentic, stealthy
We want the client’s audience to #feelsomething.

We’re the caretakers of your story, through multiple campaigns and initiatives; we inspire/bring emotional continuity. Consistent and pure, so that your audience can easily bond with the promise of your brand.

Rooted in Visual Production

Long and short form documentaries

Full service digital storytelling campaigns

If you have a story, we can bring it alive; we can make it real; we can make people fall in love with a story

Origin (links to Company story page—perhaps we refresh)

Gregg Bleakney left the software industry to become a solo bicycle explorer, which led to becoming a global adventure travel photographer. That led to photojournalism, and ultimately the founding of WhereNext during the birth of our current social media age. Here we find the roots of WhereNext’s nimble, story-driven approach, a commitment to which remains to this day.

In the nascence of our current Social Media Age, Gregg Bleakney left Seattle and the software industry to become a solo bicycle explorer, which seduced him into becoming a global adventure travel photographer, a photojournalist, and ultimately, into founding a production studio and creative agency. Here we see the roots of WhereNext’s nimble, story-driven approach which remains to this day.

Agile, Quality Production - do it all, light and fast digital production crews, production dollars are super efficient, extend budgets for investment in other stuff

Lightweight and Nimble Teams

Agile thinking and making. Agile campaign design, lightweight professional teams, and responsive/well-organized production. Our teams are light, skilled, and highly nimble. The business started on a bicycle, and we all still think like explorers on expedition. Vagabonds turned professional. We won’t waste your money, because we want that extra beer at the end of the day. Rooted in efficiency. Our efficient approach was born of necessity (Gregg on bike), and is now cemented into our agency’s culture and processes.

Carry everything on your back approach. RV vs. bicycle touring. We

Global Mindset - Global network and business acumen, multi-lingual and multi-cultural

A Worldwide Team | Adept Worldwide | Globally Minded Production Services

Under one roof. Multilingual teams. Experience producing in 30 countries

Scouting, shooting, producing, working with governments, NGOs, tourism boards, permitting, financing and accounting, payroll...

We are your guides, fixers, and bureaucrat-whisperers 

We [always] know someone 

Ask around…

Account Service - Fast, responsive, and friendly

Iterative and Responsive to Your Audience

All parts of the campaign process are nimble and light. Better able to iterate. We can iterate and respond to your audience. As your audience responds to the story, we iterate, and deepen the bond with your audience Flexible, responsive to campaign feedback. Our process is responsive to your audience.

Digital Delivery Specialists

Our business was born in a digital world. Forced to communicate real-time while underway

Our business grew up in a digital world.

Skipped the bloated old-school approach altogether.

SEO KEY WORD GLOSSARY (+Global to all SEO terms)

Creative Agency

Visual Storytelling Agency

Storytelling Agency

Creative Video Agency

Creative Content Agency

Creative Production Agency

Digital Production Company

Video Marketing Agency