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Global Production Services Based from Seattle, USA

How can we help you manage your adventure travel film and video productions through our global network of trusted partners? Since 2013, WhereNext has produced visual projects for clients in 30 countries. Our team speaks six languages fluently and can handle a vast range of post-production services on projects big and small.

Global Video Production Services Based from our Seattle Offices


With experience filming on location in more than 30 countries and a host of trusted partners across the world, WhereNext can handle even the most ambitious productions anywhere you want to go.

From Alaska to the bottom tip of South America to Southeast Asia, we have first-hand experience in all types of environments and the harshest conditions. From the most far-flung adventure destinations to city shoots to studio work, we have the expertise to meet any need.

Our global production office is Based in Seattle, USA and partners with our Bogota, Colombia studio for video projects based in Latin America. 

Our team speaks six languages fluently (English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian), further extending our ability to seamlessly coordinate video productions on projects big and small.

Among the many full-featured services offered by WhereNext across the world, we can provide:

  1. Field and pre-production support in six languages
  2. Assistance finding local partners to help legally navigate complicated payment distributions, and production permits. Financial transactions can also be managed through our Seattle-based company.
  3. Location scouting and creative support
  4. Full-service equipment rental

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